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Website creation

Website creation

Showcase website, e-boutique and customised website

Web design

Web design

Unique design in compliance with UI/UX standards



Create your visibility on the SERPs in a sustainable way

Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

Conceptualizing and shaping infallible communication


Your digital

In order for you to boost your growth potential through the web, you need to arm yourself with a digital strategy in cement which, in the vast majority of cases, is the masterpiece of a web agency such as Blue Bird magazine. Such a strategy, when it is well put together and based on innovation, allows you to easily create your presence on the Internet by getting your leads off the ground and then guiding them in a process that can lead to a purchase. What’s more, it helps you to cultivate a good reputation, but above all to generate good results.


Your digital

At the heart of your digital strategy, digital communication is the mix of several levers that you can use to stand out from the crowd, to bring Internet users to your website and then accompany them in their purchasing process, and of course to improve your conversion rate. Thus, these levers mainly include your website, distribution platforms (social networks, blogs, specialized directories, discussion forums, etc.), SEO and SEA referencing, content optimization, web analytics, etc.

Web marketing for a successful strategy


Community management on social networks

Being present on social networks is good, but even better when this presence is coupled with community management. Community management is the art of creating an active community around your brand and then sealing a privileged relationship with it.

Writing and content

When it comes to digital strategy, content is king. Relevant, optimized and high value-added content is what Internet users and search engines love. It allows you to considerably improve your e-reputation as well as your visibility. The website monolith magazine is a very good example of this.



Logo creation


Graphic charter


Visual identity


Web design


Website modeling


UX design


Audit of your website

Auditing your website means taking the liberty of analysing it in depth and in all its aspects: ergonomics, functionalities, content, accessibility, referencing, visibility, positioning, regulatory aspects… Such an operation allows you to have a 360° vision of its real performances and weaknesses, with solutions at the key, of course.

Search Engine Optimization

As an integral part of SEM, SEO refers to all the actions that allow you to comply with the recommendations of search engines, including Google, so that they are more inclined to position you properly in their results pages. In other words, it allows you to appear at the top of the organic results such as the example of ItodoMagazine.